Thursday, June 27, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Indianapolis is a great town for conventions!  We are lucky enough to have a large convention center in Indy and our next group to hit the town is 15 thousand Shriners!  They have already tweeted to me that they are coming!  

If you spot a Shriner walking about town, tweet #spotaShriner to let them know you see them!  

All 15 thousand are welcome at Shapiro's downtown Indy for one of our huge corned beef sandwiches or Fried Chicken dinners, but maybe you shouldn't all come at once!  

The Natatorium is packed with swimmer this week as well.  The 2013 Phillips 66 National Championships and World Championship Trials are being held at IUPUI through this weekend.  We are host to a couple of Olympic medal winners as well as Olympic hopefuls on their way to the World Trials.  

If you are in town for a family visit or a convention, make a stop by an Indiana lengendary restaurant.  Shapiro's has been serving hungry customers for 108 years!  We are an old-world delicatessen that has become an institution.  

Enjoy Indy, have a great time and we'll be waiting for you!   


Thursday, June 20, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Shapiro's Delicatessen has a new on-line ordering process.  You can set up a lunch as an event, send your friends or collegues an invitation to order through our sight and everyone orders exactly what they want for themselves.  It can be set up that one person pays or everyone pays for themselves, you choose the details.  

This works great if you are ordering food for a large number of people in downtown Indianapolis or for a business meeting or group event.  This makes an office managers job very easy when ordering lunch for a few people or an entire office.  

Food orders can be complicated when you have several people to order for.  Shapiro's Delicatessen on-line ordering makes your food ordering easy with invitation ordering.  If your event is large enough, our catering department can assist you by delivering your order.  

Please call our catering staff at 317-690-3036 to discuss all of your options about delivery in the Indianapolis area.  

Invitation ordering at Shapiro's Delicatessen - all on-line and easy to use!  


Sunday, June 16, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Saying so-long to Carmel is not going to be easy.  After 12 years of trying to make ends meet, Shapiro's Delicatessen in Carmel is closing the doors on Father's Day, Sunday June 16, 2013.  

Shapiro's Delicatessen was the first business to break ground in the city center in December of 2001. Carmel's strict design code set the stage for the buildings blueprints and we opened in June of 2002 to great expectations and hope. The post 9/11 era changed our world and economy.  It took 7 years for the Palladium to open and as City Council Woman Luci Snyder stated, "it had become more formal than a pastrami sandwich".  Much of the retail development that was discussed to go into the area went to Clay Terrace instead and there is still space available for development 13 years after we broke ground.  

There are plenty of bars and pubs that are very successful in Carmel and the city center area.  Family style dining just isn't what works.  Lesson learned - call the baby sitter and enjoy your night out on the town!  Carmel has a lot to offer ~ it just didn't work for us.  

We have the most amazing customers and employees and Brian and I would like to thank all of you! You are the reason why we fought to stay open when we first discussed closing 3 years ago.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your patronage and kindness.  Thank you to our staff that worked tirelessly for so many hours after hours.  

Visit our downtown Indianapolis restaurant for your corned beef or pastrami fix!  Grab a sandwich at the airport before your next flight - Shapiro's airport is located near B14, but you can get to it no matter what your gate.  



Thursday, May 30, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Are your kids coming to Zionsville for camp this summer?  As you pack the car to bring them to Goldman Union Camp Institute, don't forget to pack a cooler for yourself!  Before you drop them off for the summer (or a couple of weeks) bring them to Shapiro's Delicatesseen for a great meal.  While you are noshing your final meal together, order yourself a couple of pounds of corned beef, beef tongue, pastrami and rye bread to take home with you!  You can always ask us for a bag of ice for the cooler.  You can always get a To-Go sandwich for the road, too.  Carry out brisket on rye is SO much better than the drive thru options you'll encounter on the road!  

Don't forget to check out the pastry case for your sweet tooth!  It is, after all, a long drive home!  A few cookies or ruglach will be just what you needed a couple of hours out the door!  Did you know that our bagels freeze really well?  Place them into a zip lock type bag when you get home and freeze them for later.  Our coconut macaroons freeze really well as well!  

GUCI to Shapiro's Delicatessen in Carmel = 465 North to Meridian St. North.  Turn right/East on 116th St. Go about 1 1/2 miles to Range Line Road.  Turn left/North 3/4 mile; Shapiro's is on the left.  918 South Rangeline Carmel  317-573-3354 (DELI)

GUCI to Shapiro's Delicatessen Indianapolis = 465 South to 65 South to downtown Indy.  Keep right on I-70.  Take exit 79B Meridian Street between Lucas Oil Stadium and Eli Lilly.  Turn left on McCarty at bottom of the off ramp.  1st left is Meridian Street and Shapiro's Indianapolis.  808 South Meridian St. 317-631-4041




Sunday, May 19, 2013 by Sally Shapiro


Take a box lunch from Shapiro's Delicatessen to the track with you.  You can order a half sandwich or whole sandwich for your box lunch but remember, we're talking about a Shapiro's Deli sized sandwich!  Included in the box lunch is a piece of fruit, a big cookie, a soda, chips and all of your condiments including a pickle spear.  Your day at the track will be great with another Indy tradition - plus Shapiro's gives you a very sturdy box to carry all of that food in.  

The Indianapolis 500 and your day at the Speedway are made so much better when you have a Shapiro's sandwich to start your day.  Pick up your box lunch for Race Day at either our downtown Indy or Carmel restuarant.  




Thursday, May 16, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Voting for the Best of Indy Reader's Choice award from NUVO magazine continues through May 31st.  There are several different categories in four areas.  The Best Deli/Sandwich category has gone to Shapiro's Delicatessen for all 23 years that NUVO has run the contest but you need to vote to keep us on top!  Follow the link below to vote for any or all of the categories - Food and Drink, Music and Nightlife, Arts, Entertainment and Media, & Shop Local.  

Let everyone know you how you feel about your corned beef, pastrami or brisket sandwich!  We need your support.    



Friday, May 10, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Shapiro's Delicatessen is going to be going in full force this Sunday for Mother's Day!  Carmel Shapiro's will open at 8:00am and stay open until 8pm.  The Shapiro's in Indianapolis will be open for their normal hours as well beginning at 6:30 am and running until 8:00pm Sunday night.  

All mom really wants for Mother's Day is to spent time with her family and to not have to cook or do the dishes!  Tell her that you are listening by bringing her to Shapiro's Delicatessen in Carmel or Indy.  Our bakery has special treats baked up just for you and everyone can get exactly what they want.  Don't forget, since it is Shapiro's, you'll have left overs to take to work for lunch on Monday!  Our portions are huge!  

Happy Mother's Day from Shapiro's Delicatessen!  


Friday, May 10, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

We love our customers because they always tell us how they feel!  Charles H. emailed me the other day and asked, "In my latest visit, I was told that you stopped making lemon meringue pie. Is this the end for that wonderful treat?"  (Used with permission)

My answer back to him made me realize that few people know the length of some of our business contacts.  We frequently hear about our customers that have been dining at our restaurant for 40, 50, even 70 years!  (We LOVE that!) But I bet our customers don't know that our relationships extend with the same kind of loyalty to our vendors.  

Well, here is my answer to Charles about the Lemon meringue pie and you'll see what I mean. 

"Dear Charles,  We have been buying ingredients for our Lemon Meringue pie from the same company for 80 years. They, like us, are a small, family owned business that make great products.  They were purchased by Unilever, a very large conglomerate that had a subsidy that made a cheaper, lower quality product.  Guess which one they decided to close and stop making?  

We weren't happy with the cheaper version which is why we didn't use it to begin with.  We know that our customers expect quality and we would certainly hear about it if we tried to change.  
I appreciate your inquiry and patronage to Shapiro's Delicatessen.  Thank you for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.  Please tell me if I am incorrect on our perception."   
Charles told me that he would rather go without lemon meringue pie than have a sub-standard one.  That is one of the reasons they always eat at our restaurant and also brag to their friends about how good the food is, he says.  Our bakery in downtown Indianapolis tries to be consistent with our food as well as our food quality.  Sometimes, living up to a 40 year old memory of greatness is hard but we keep trying to get it right!  Thanks to everyone that keeps coming back throughout the years to eat at Shapiro's Delicatessen.  
   RIP Lemon Meringue Pie


Thursday, May 9, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

NUVO's Best of Indy 2013 is now opening for voting!  

Every year, Indy's NUVO magazine holds their BEST OF and the time has come to vote again!  Please follow the link to go to their voting site and choose from many different categories of restaurants.  

Shapiro's Delicatessen has been voted BEST SANDWICH for over 20 years - as long as they have had the contest, you have helped to make us great!  But we need your help to compete.  You don't have to have an opinion in every category - just skip on if you don't know about a particular category.  Just be sure and find Shapiro's Delicatessen when you see the sandwich category!  Keep this local and don't let a national chain win.  

Vote Shapiro's BEST SANDWICH!  





Wednesday, April 24, 2013 by Sally Shapiro















Have you seen the way your can move down the city streets on Google Maps?  Well now you can literally go INSIDE Shapiro's Delicatessen with a tour on Google Inside!  Follow this link to peek inside Shapiro's Carmel and see what we have in store for you for your next meal!  


Follow this link and take a look at Shapiro's Delicatessen downtown Indy.


Tour provided by http://www.tourthemap.com/ 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Are you looking for a new job at Shapiro's Delicatessen?  Follow the link to apply for a great job in the food industry. 



Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

















I received an email from a customer of Shapiro's Delicatessen in Carmel.  She enjoyed herself so much that she took the time to write and let us know about the great customer service she received at her last visit there.  Her comments are below.  

Shapiro's Deli in Carmel has a great party room as well as an outdoor patio for eating in the sunshine.   With table service for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, our regular menu is legendary.  Voted a best sandwich in Indy, best Reuben in the Midwest, top 10 chicken stew in the country by Redbook magazine, and a top 10 deli in America by USA Today, our customers travel far for their favorite sweets and meals.  

April 8th, 2013

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the amazing customer service I always get at Shapiro's. It seems to be a dying art, and so when I meet friendly people I am all that much more impressed. The "bus boy" was especially nice and went out of his way to help us.

The food is delicious, too :)  The cream horn is my favorite!

Thanks again,  Jaymi H. "

Thank YOU Jaymi, for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoyed your last visit.  We told Henry that his hard work is noticed and appreciated!  


Friday, March 29, 2013 by Sally Shapiro


     Hop in to Shapiro's Delicatessen for Easter brunch!  We

are open from 8am until 7pm at both locations Easter Sunday!  

     Happy Easter and we HOP(e) to see you soon!  


Friday, March 29, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Downtown Indy is a buzz with basketball, swimmers and divers!  Athletes short and tall are competing in Division 1 sports at the IUPUI Natatorium and at Lucas Oil Stadium throughout the weekend.  Athletes and coaches with big appetites know Shapiro's is a huge sandwich with a good value - many have been seen eating lunch this week at 808 South Meridian Street Shapiro's Delicatessen.  

Tonights games at Lucas start with a 7:15 tip.  Dine at Shapiro's with a 2-3 block walk to the stadium.  We have security vehicle and great food before the games!  Sunday's game time hasn't been set yet but we are open on Easter!  We'll keep you posted about the time and our hours for Easter evening.

Good luck to all of the teams! 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Why wait until Sunday, St. Patrick's Day to come get your corned beef and 

Cabbage?  We like St. Patty's Day so much that we serve the BEST corned 

beef Indy has to offer every day of the year!  We'll have your CB sandwich or 

corned beef and cabbage waiting to be sliced when you arrive!  


Shapiro's Delicatessen Carmel 918 South Rangeline Road Carmel, IN 317-573-3354 (DELI)   

Mon.-Thurs. 10am - 8pm; Fri. 10am - 8:30pm; Sat. 8am-8:30pm.;Sun. 8am-8pm


Shapiro's Delicatessen Indianapolis 808 South Meridian St. Indianapolis 317-631-4041

Monday - Sunday 6:30 am - 8:00 pm 



Monday, March 4, 2013 by Sally Shapiro




The University of Notre Dame swim team won their Big East conference title Saturday in downtown Indianapolis at the IU Natatorium.  Sunday morning they celebrated with breakfast at Shapiro's Delicatessen.  

Congratulations to the swim team and to the Univiersity!  Thank you for celebrating at Shapiro's Delicatessen.  



Thursday, February 28, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

The Indy A-List is having a pie bracket contest for the best sugar cream pie in central Indiana.  Shapiro's Delicatessen needs your vote!  

You can literally vote every day!  Like the joke about voting in Chicago - Vote early and Vote OFTEN - once you vote, it will be easy to vote again!  

Please help Shapiro's Bakery stay in the publics eye as one of the few restaurants that still makes everything fresh, from scratch, start to finish!  Never frozen chickens that we cook for our chicken salad.  Whole briskets from Vienna Beef that we season, cook, slice to order in house for each corned beef, brisket and peppered beef sandwich!  Pastrami from Brooklyn that we season, cook, slice to order in house for each pastrami sandwich!  Potato salad that we've actually peeled the potatoes and chopped the celery and onions!  Don't even get me started on what they do in the bakery!!!  You should see the size of some of our mixers!  We have all sizes from small batch to cheesecake!    

Nobody does FROM SCRATCH like Shapiro's Delicatessen!   

Please share the link with your friends and help Shapiro's Delicatessen.  We need your vote!



Thursday, February 28, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Feb 26, 2013  YELP review   5/5 STARS 

Kent L. wrote a review on Yelp about his dining experience in downtown Indianapolis eating a sandwich at Shapiro's Delicatessen.   Thanks Kent L.!

From the outside of the red brick Downtown location, it doesn't look like a Jewish delicatessen but go inside to this cafeteria-style layout, get a gander at the many tempting foods at the glass-enclosed counter displays and you know immediately that you're in for the real deal. I like my sandwiches either with rye bread or on onion rolls but the day I visited, it was pastrami on rye with mustard with a Dr. Brown's Cream Soda and it was just a perfect combination. Pastrami that's too lean is dry and lacks flavor, whereas too much fat makes the sandwich oily and Shapiro's pastrami strikes the perfect balance of meat-to-fat ratio. While Shapiro's does have a wide variety of dessert choices, who has room after one of their sandwiches? The corned beef also looked really good but that will have to wait for another trip. The menu prices were quite reasonable for both the quality and quantity of food, which would be several dollars more in places like NYC or L.A. delicatessen and since it looks like many Jewish delicatessens around the country are closing after many years in business, it becomes harder to find one to dine in. I would wholeheartedly return here.

Next time you eat at either Shapiro's Delicatessens, please take a minute to write a review or "check in" at any number of sites!  Zagat, Trip Advisor, Foursquare, Urban Spoons, Facebook.com/ShapirosDeli, Facebook.com/ShapirosCarmel, Twitter = @ShapirosDeli, or fill out a customer comment card available from the cashiers.  If you don't like something, please tell us while you are there so that we can MAKE IT RIGHT!  We want you to have the best meal everytime.  Please find a manager if you need us to change something.  

Great Grandfather Louis used to say - every day is opening day!    





Saturday, February 23, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Searching on line for reviews of downtown Indianapolis restaurants?  Want to find a sandwich spot or dinner before a Pacers game?  Ben P. wrote a review on TripAdvisor about his last visit to Shapiro's Delicatessen.  

Glad that you enjoyed your visit to Shapiro's, Ben.  Thanks for the great review!  


Feb. 18, 2013
Ben P    reviewed your business on TripAdvisor

   It's a world class deli. Have a sandwich! Other excellent lunch and dinner items available. Cafeteria style. Been an occasional stop for me and family for 25+ years. Ruben is my favorite sandwich. Shapiro's boasts 'Best Ruben in Indy.' I believe them. Pastrami on Rye is most excellent too. HUGE! Wife had baked chicken (brought home enough for two more


Sunday, February 10, 2013 by Sally Shapiro

Remember those Sunday night family dinners?  Bring them back at Shapiro's Delicatessen.  We are offering half off spaghetti, spaghetti and meatballs, or fried chicken dinners on Sundays from 3pm until close.  Both locations will feature this deal meal on Sundays.  The fried chicken dinner special includes your choice of two sides; mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli salad, or even our famous mac & cheese.  There are literally dozens of choices for your sides.  Vegetarian spaghetti or spaghetti and meatballs includes your choice of rye bread.  

Spaghetti and Meatball is normally priced at $7.25 for the small and $8.85 for a large serving.  The fried chicken dinner, with bread and two sides is normally $10.25.  Half off these meals means there's still room in the budget for dessert!!!  

Shapiro's Delicatessen Downtown Indy 808 South Meridian Street 317.631.4041 Sunday close is 8:00pm

Shapiro's Delicatesen Carmel 918 South Rangeline Road Carmel 317.573.3354 Sunday close is 8:00pm.  


Limited time offer.  Dine in only.